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The IPS effect attached to a rechargeable battery

LogiCoul Solutions has developed a unique, proprietary, patent-pending technology called Interfacial Process Stimulation ("IPS"). IPS has an extraordinary ability to improve the performance of a rechargeable battery without modification to the battery itself.

Normal battery operating performance is insufficient for today's high-demand applications due to the low percentage of the full energy potential in the battery that is utilized during discharge. LogiCoul's laboratory test results demonstrate significant performance improvements for 95% of the rechargeable battery applications, regardless of battery chemistry.

The LogiCoul test data shows that IPS lowers battery impedance which translates into 25% to 45% more usable energy from the battery during a single discharge cycle. The LogiCoul Solutions process will mean more usage for today's power-hungry smartphones before they lose power and greater range for electric vehicles currently on the road.

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